Telegram will use 25-30% less data when Placing Calls


Telegram Messenger has been working hard to improve their interface in the past few months. Their efforts have paid off, as they have come out with updates and changes to their smartphone app. The first two updates are related. The first being that voice calls through the app are now available all over the world. That’s right: the wait is over. Users in countries where the previous version of voice calls weren’t supported, are now able to place calls.

The second update is to the security of voice calls. Telegram has always used security measures within the app, but the ones that were in place before weren’t cutting it for voice calls. With the release of the new update, voice call security has been updated. Now, users can compare a series of four emojis to the other person’s emoji’s- if the emojis are the same on both users’ cellphones, the call is 100 % secure and protected.

The creators have also updated the speed of calls placed through the Telegram network. All calls should be faster and connect easier, thanks to the update. It is reported that the developers are continuing to improve the speed of calls, so that even in rural areas, a user’s calls can be lightning fast.

Along with these great updates, comes the update that gives users the option to use less data when using the app. In the settings panel, users can check and uncheck an option that says “Use Less Data”. When he box is checked, Telegram will use 25-30% less data when placing calls. This comes with a small price, though- the quality of voice calls. When the box is checked, Telegram uses less data but can’t retain its high-quality calls. With this update, the choice is yours.

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Video quality within the app has also been updated. For the first time since releasing the app. Telegram users can now choose how their friends view the videos that they send them. This is called a compression rate. Telegram will remember your choice and suggest it to you the next time you make a call. You can use your chosen compression rate or use the default rate suggested by the app. This compression rate can always be changed, as well.

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Telegram’s new updates are worth getting excited about. They improve the quality of the app, and make its users happier than they’ve ever been. If you have Telegram, what do you think about these updates?

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