You can Now Play YouTube with Telegram App


The Telegram app now allow its users to search in chat, soundcloud clips, play Vimeo and YouTube, which are nice improvements to the app. You can now search for something in a chat with specific person, in version 3.1.0 and the app now backs playback of media from services such as Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Telegram Audio

To listen to the audio file or sight the video, just click on the preview of a link to an external media. . Speaking on audio files, they are now magnificently rendered and played in chats. This was as announced in a recent news.

For an app supported by Niklai and Pavel Durov, the user base of 50 million monthly Telegram users is still nothing to rejoice about, as it is not nearly as big as Facebook-owned WhatsApp that now has 800 million monthly active users or the Facebook Messenger app with 700 million users.

After being available for not even two years, convenient tweaks like these should help the app become even more popular than it is now. It may well be a target for acquisition, with that kind of growth rate.


The messages of Telegram are encrypted. On the other hand, Telegram Messenger application provides free web, Chrome, Linux, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, Android and iOS clients.

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