Best Telegram Tips

telegram tips

Telegram is known to be the only app that can give competition to WhatsApp, the global leader in instant messaging on smartphones. Telegram is light and comes with similar functionalities as compared to WhatsApp. The good news is that it is more secure and you can easily engage in private and secure one on one chats as well. Take a look at some of the best Telegram tips that you can use in order to make your user experience better.

Some Useful Telegram Tips

  1. You can send secret messages in Telegram. These messages come with two layers of secure encryption so that all your communication is secure. To start a secret chat, simply start a new message and tap on ‘New Secret Chat’.
  2. You can create a number of secret chats with the same person. Basically, you can create a new message thread for each of the conversations with them. There is no need for your message to get lost in the same thread with hundreds of messages.
  3. Always remember that secret chats are specific to devices and don’t sync across your devices. Therefore, starting a secret chat means full privacy. Logging out means losing all your secret chats. So make sure you don’t log out unless you deliberately wish to delete all these chats.
  4. You can turn on message self-destruction with secret chats. The timer is available on the top right corner where a small picture is placed. You can click on that image and set the time for your message which will self-destruct one the timer is over. The timer is usually applied when the recipient’s screen gets the messages delivered to it. With this simple trick, the message will no longer be available in any of the two devices and would not even leave a trace behind.
  5. Set the self-destruct timer before sending a confidential message. In case the message is sent and then the timer is set, it would have no effect on the messages sent earlier.
  6. You can localize Telegram app by downloading external language packs as well. Just send or receive this file via Telegram, then download it and lightly tap on it. Then you must select, ‘Apply Localization File’ option and personalize the app. Remember, you can only use .xml files for this purpose on an Android phone.
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If you are a developer and can break the Telegram algorithms, you will be given a cash prize of $200,000. Though it is not really a usage tip, it can work well for you if you like developing this open source code.

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