Vatican broadcasts Lent messages on Telegram Messenger


The Vatican is using an app Telegram to promote Lent. Rumors have it that the Pope and other clergy are going to engage themselves in this app enabling them to broadcast recordings of Gospel reading and also commentary during the Christmas festival.

Telegram has been regarded as “better” as compared to WhatsApp, which was used last year. This has resulted in the abandonment of WhatsApp and the adoption of Telegram.

One feature found in the Telegram is that it allows users to send highly encrypted messages. On the flip side is its use by the Islamic State.

Telegram users

News from the Vatican has it that subscribers to the Telegram channel @pgpompei will be receiving the religious messages from Ash Wednesday until Easter. In an interview with the BBC, Telegram had a population of over 5,500 subscribers on Thursday. During the campaign’s progress, the Vatican was closed.

Two brothers are attributed with the Telegram founding the Vkontakte. This is a Russian social networking site inspired by Facebook. Claims had it that it has over 50 million monthly users.

The advantage with this app is that it can send strongly encrypted messages to both phones, tablets, and computers and there will be no detection by the outsiders.

Anyone wishing to create a group of up to 1,000 people or channels for broadcasting to unlimited audiences is now supported in this app. BBC has many channels on this platform.

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