Telegram launches audio calls, hyping end-to-end encryption


Nowadays, most of the messaging apps have the feature of audio and video calling, so how can Telegram step behind in this? The focus is on the quality of the call. As the company said that it is aiming to integrate artificial intelligence for increasing the quality on the on-going basis. The telegram said that its artificial intelligence technology would use the call info, like network speed, package loss ratio, and ping times for optimizing each call and evaluate the next calls. Being that said, the company will try to enhance the quality of calls as you spend time in talking through the feature of audio calling.

Elsewhere, there are few beneficial granular options which let users select the low data consumption calls – saves the data using a plan at the expense of poor call qualities – as the app allows users to limit the things in such a way that people in contact list can call them.

Then there comes the encryption. Telegram told that the structure of its “Secret Chat” feature had been used for the new form.

As told in a blog post, the Telegram calling feature is built upon the tested end-to-end encryption of the Telegram’s Secret Chats. The key authentication UI was introduced in 2013 for securing the system against the malicious attacks, however for calls that the company requires are a bit easier.

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Talking in term of practicality, it means that two users doing the call on Telegram can compare four emoji as the key exchange for ensuring that the call is encrypted. This is more fun to do the random pairing of words or passcodes by using the security services like Signal.

The company told more details about the security services which it will offer along with this feature. These details are of great interest for many people in security community who have been doing the criticism verbally on the Telegram’s cryptography.

In 2015, the mobile security company named Zimperium suggested that the system of Telegram will not be able to hinder the complicated hacking from getting access to the private messages of users.

A security researcher mentioned in a post that the Telegram is error prone, which has been on the wonky encryption while leaking the massive data and snatches the contact list of users. This is given the name of terrorist hangout.

These type of comments are mainly related to the popularity of Telegram among ISIS. The company itself has acknowledged ISIS related content, which it did after Paris attack in 2015.

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