Telegram Now Featuring Improved Video Messaging


A recent update to the messaging app, Telegram, features big improvements in video messaging for the Windows Desktop version of the app. Picture in picture mode is one of those new features, as is improvements in the user interface.

App Version 1.1.7 gives you an improvement to video messages, a countdown for the duration of the message, message – whether voice or video – that automatically play one right after the other, and radial playback progress.

The new update makes the app faster. Telegram is currently the fastest available messenger app that can be downloaded. It uses a unique network of centers around the world for the transfer of information. There is also a handing syncing option, which means you can start a message on your phone, but then finish it on a tablet, laptop or desktop. You will never have to worry about losing information again.

There are no limits on file type or size of media or files that you send across Telegram. The entire history of your chats will not use a single bit of space on your device, as it is stored safely in the Telegram Cloud, no matter how long you leave it. It is Telegram’s mission to give you access to the very best security possible, and all that combined with a strategic ease of use. Every message that goes through Telegram is encrypted using a combination that can include RSA encryption, 256-bit symmetric encryption and Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange.

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It is easy to recognize the power behind Telegram, noting that group chats with more than 5000 members is no problem. Neither is sharing large video files, documents files of any type and setting up bots for specific tasks. Hosting large online communities or coordinating team efforts with large numbers of people is never a problem with Telegram.

In addition to all these features, Telegram is incredibly reliable. It is built to send you message using the fewest amount of bytes possible. It is, with ease, the most reliable messenger ever created. Even when mobile connections are extremely weak, Telegram gets the message delivered.

In addition to being a powerhouse for work and communication, it can be as fun as other social media apps. With powerful editing tools for both photos and videos, you will find you can be as expressive as you want. Factor in the simplicity of the app, and the lack of any type of ads, and Telegram becomes the top of the line messenger.

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