Best 2 Effective Antivirus for Windows PC

Security Software Windows pc

Antivirus for pcs are like your home doctors who guides you with the basic hygiene and protect you from getting ill easily. It is a must to have an antivirus for a pc else the life your pc will be affected majorly.

AVG antivirus

avg antivirusAVG is one of the strongest anti viruses that scan your pc, webpages like social networking sites etc. AVG free has a good record in fixing your home pc and making it malware free. AVG’s unobtrusive nature is one of its biggest strength, you will not even know if the anti-virus is running or not.

Download AVG antivirus here:

Panda Security Cloud

Panda CloudPanda Cloud Antivirus is another security software worth considering for your windows pc. The software offers a solid overall protection from any kind of threat. While testing the software, the software ably picked up 95 per cent of the threats in two months. If you want to use this software to protect your pc I doubt that you it is going to disappoint you in any way. The above mentioned antivirus one of the best and has always been the customer’s first choice.

Download Panda Antivirus here:

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