Telegram v1.3.30 apk is here for Download


Since 10th March, Telegram v1.3.30 apk update is available for Download. You can Download Telegram v1.3.30 for Android 2x, 3x and 4x devices here .


Telegram v1.8.2
  • – Fixed installation for Android 2.x devices
  • – Bugfixes
Telegram v1.8.0
  • – Send messages in the background (messages are sent even after force-quitting the app)
  • – Autodownload media in the background
  • – Proper handling of interrupted uploads
  • – New vibration patterns
  • – Improved blocking UI
  • – Delete older profile pics in any order
  • – A lot of improvements and bug fixes
  • Apply language packs by sending file as document and opening (
You can Download Telegram v1.8.2 for Android here .

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