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Right at the topic you are most likely to fumble. Because, telegram once deemed as the only medium for faster communication was declared outdated long back.  No, no I’m not discussing about any outdated technology – rather it is the hottest medium now for privatizing your message with documents, photographs, video and messages. This new age Telegram is highly encrypted, capable of self destruction and many more with a view to keep it very much personal and private.

What you can look at from Telegram that I’m talking about here?

All these features are highly personalized with a view to make things only for you such as the following.

  1. Private: To your surprise and delight Telegram messages are highly encrypted and have the attributed of self destruction thereby these messages are personalized and privatized for you alone.
  2. Cloud-Based: Telegram messages use cloud-based technology thereby it allow you to access your messages from multiple devices as per your choice.
  3. Fast: This is yet another unique attribute to your benefit since Telegram messages are very fast in delivery while you compare it with others such as e-mail or mobile data messaging etc. to name a few.
  4. Distributed: You can be assured of the delivery at speed since Telegram servers are spread across the world to ensure your privacy, security with a delivery guarantee.
  5. Open: Telegram messages are free from API (Application Programming Interface) and protocol (rules that determine format and transmission of data) and therefore all Telegram messages are free to everyone.
  6. Free: Telegram is free for life; does not even ask for any subscription.
  7. Secure: Telegram messages are protected from hacking.
  8. Powerful: It’s powerful since it does not restrict message size, media and chats.
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On the whole this 21st Century Telegram I’m talking about is a high tech product alias SMS that comes with many merits with a view to safeguard your privacy at every cost while getting delivered within a crowd. Isn’t it something very interesting?

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