Top 5 Free Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2014

whatsapp alternatives

Top 5 Free Alternatives to WhatsApp in 2014 for smartphones, tablets and PC desktop devices: Telegram Messenger, LINE, Viber, KakaoTalk and Tango.

Telegram : the new “Big” text-messaging app from the owners of VK. Telegram is available for Android, iphone, Blackberry, Linux, Windows Phone, PC , Mac and Nokia. Latest version of Telegram show us that it’s the most secure application in the market.

LINE : the most funny app from Japan. With lot of features and animations, Line app is available for all mobile devices.

Viber : this app is the highest competitor to skype in the world. With Viber you can get free calls and free messages in a high definition way. You can get Viber for PC, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Linux and Windows Phone.

KakaoTalk : KakaoTalk is a multi-platform texting app that allows iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users to send and receive messages for free.

Tango : the last is Tango. You can make free voice & video calls, and send FREE text, picture, & video messages over 3G, 4G, & WiFi with Tango. Tango App is a fun messaging app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends.

These are the best 5 free alternatives to WhatsApp, the #1 mobile text messaging app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

You can download Telegram and test it, we are sure you will love it.

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