Telegram Messenger App is still the safest App for Private Messages

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There are different types of apps that you can try out for fulfilling your needs. There is an app in the market known as the Telegram Messenger. This app is very useful for those who r trying to send any kind of information or document to others.

The Telegram app is a cross-platform app whose client is open source. The users through this app can exchange self-destructing and encrypted messages, videos, photos and documents. Telegram app is available for iOS and Android users (including no-Wi-Fi device and tablets). Unofficial clients for Web version, windows phone, OS X version, Windows desktops and Linux version client are available from developers using this Telegram API.

Telegram Features

The conversations are encrypted with MTProto protocols. The chat history is particularly stored on Telegram cloud servers and this can be access from many devices. It has desktop version, browser extension and also has mobile version. Download Telegram and send photos, voice notes, videos and files. It has groups over 200 members. Messages have auto-destruction features.

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