Top 10 Free Alternatives to Skype in 2014

skype alternative

Top 10 Free Alternatives to Skype in 2014: WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, Google Hangouts, BlackBerry Messenger, Samsung ChatON, LINE, Kik Messenger, Tango, Kakao Talk and ooVoo.

WhatsApp Application : Without doubt the WhatsApp is the most popular chat app at the moment.

Facebook Chat : the new Facebook Chat makes chatting on your Smartphone a lot easier.

Google Hangouts : The search giant has now, streamlined and merged all of its chat features into a new general chat.

BlackBerry Messenger : BBM or the BlackBerry Messenger is a chat app only for BlackBerry devices.

Samsung ChatON : which is now a standard on all new Samsung phones.

LINE : You can not only send free messages, but also make free calls with LINE just like Viber. In addition, this program can also be used from the PC.

Kik Messenger : Download kik and enjoy another messenger available for iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia.

Tango : You can make video calls , send text messages and can also make calls with Tango app.

Kakao Talk : Kakao talk is an awesome software for PC, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. .

ooVoo : With ooVoo you do not need to install a program, you can make a call from your web browser to other PCs.

And finally, the Telegram App, your can download Telegram from this site.

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