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They say a problem well defined is half solved and this aptly fits into the case of Telegram. You may be in two minds whether I’m talking a sense or not.  But “Telegram” was in use as a medium of communication back in 19th or at the advent of 20th Century. How can that be deemed as the best medium for communication? Right? Hang on – let us explore on the same.

What is this new age Telegram?

This new age Telegram is all about an open platform for communication that is a non-profit mission too. It is the brain child of two people Nicolai Durov and Pavel. While Pavel supports the financial and ideological parts Nicolai takes care of the technical aspects.

A telegram is essentially a SMS and more; namely a Telegram can contain document, photographs/s, and video alongside data message. It is completely secured and free of any subscription. This Telegram however came into being in August 2013 following the footsteps of these two enterprising guys Nicolai and Pavel.

USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the new age Telegram:   

  1. Free for life: As a user you stand benefited from the lifetime free services of Telegram.
  2. Non-profit Venture: Telegram is a non-profit venture and will continue to do so in future as its promoters Nicolai and Pavel confirm. This is something extraordinary in today’s worth given the revolution in telecommunication and revenues therein on worldwide market.
  3. Private & Secured: Telegram messages are sent through cloud-based technology and have the property of self destruction with the high degree of encryption. Due to this encryption messages remain very much private while the use of cloud based technology makes the messages secured and accessible from multiple medium.
  4. Fast: Delivery of Telegram messages is really very fast. No other messages such as an e-mail and data message can deliver as fast as Telegram.  
  5. Supports Tablets & Phones: Telegram messages can be delivered to iPhone and Android phones alongside iPod and tablets.
  6. Open & Powerful: Telegram messages are powerful in view of no restriction on message size, media and chats while Telegram platform is open to all and sundry.
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