Messaging app Telegram introduces unsent feature in chat


The messages which vanish instantly from the chat don’t impress the security experts and professionals, given that how flimsy the security features the company offers, but even then an inherent erratic type of the feature may keep coming on the social media platforms.

The recent thing to be added here is what you can call is the “unsent” feature introduced by a mobile messaging app Telegram – which now allows users to retrieve or delete the messages from sending in chat within limit of two days when you have sent them – the feature will be available soon after the app updates its new version 3.16.

The protective messaging app Signal has also recently added an ephemeral chatting option, back in last months of 2016 – although it was aimed at keeping the environment of app tidy, not private.

The unsent option on Telegram works for one to one and group conversations and has to be availed within the time limit of 2 days. The objective of introducing this feature is to serve users who face the regrets as they wake next morning after sending messages in the night, by allowing them to mold the words which they wish they should not have said.

Obviously, it has to pay the price for pointing out the fact that this feature is used for up keeping the privacy of app, given that chats can be read and accessed long before being recovered. Thus, don’t put your trust in the secrets or the foolishness to the unsent option.

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It also owns another option in the complicated messaging framework of Telegram. The app has already introduced end-to-end encryption in messaging while using the secret chat feature, which has to be used by the user versus the default messaging (no encrypted messaging). And the Telegram has faced a lot of criticism for not working on the end-to-end encryption all across the board like other messaging apps.

By using the exclusive encryption, Telegram is intending to poke its nose in the security industry in competition with messaging apps like Wire and WhatsApp, which use the independent audited Signal Protocol.

It can be said that there is an increasing number of messaging features for smartphone users. And the increasing concerns may play their role for seeking the secured messaging app. But the unsent option will add a little fun in messaging at the same time.

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