Download Telegram for Android, iOS and Ubuntu


Telegram presently supports messaging to Android, iOS and Ubuntu devices. Telegram for Ubuntu makes use of the Telegram API and is a component of the Telegram ecosystem. Gratitude to the Ubuntu community for their translations and contributions that make this dream a reality.


Telegram is also showing appreciation to Pablo Marlasca for an amazing new icon and they also say thank you very much to Daneshvar Bardia of for his priceless involvement and upholding the support library.

The messaging reliability has been improved, going by the newest change-log. Telegram messaging app has been refreshed, the messaging dependability has been enhanced, the multi-account support has been included, and the scope UI has been refined.

Telegram on Ubuntu Touch

If you come across any creepy-crawly or problem with Telegram on Ubuntu Touch as usual, you should get them submitted on Launchpad, in order for developers to get them fixed.

Telegram messaging app is currently the best on Ubuntu phones, and it offers quite a lot of significant features that cannot be discovered anywhere else.

You don’t have to do anything extra, if you have already installed Telegram. All you need to do is to upgrade the application and you will eventually get the latest version. Otherwise, you can look for the most recent Telegram application in the Ubuntu Store. In addition, please bear in mind the fact that it is still marked as Beta, which implies that there might still be a few problems with it.

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