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Messaging apps and chatting platforms are continuously releasing more renewed features and enhancements in order to improve the overall user’s experience and to make daily communication more efficient and easy than before. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat are regularly implanting new messaging properties to make instant-messaging more staistfying for the millions of users out there.

The popularly secured messaging app of Telegram is particularly focused on improving and updating its platform so that the user’s experience is amped up and consequently more people are enticed to use Telegram.

Recently, Telegram introduced its latest messenger update, the 5.5 version, that’s reportedly going to bring about more security features and faster performance in general. The newer version flaunts the two-side deletion feature, improved emojis search amongst others.

Telegram Unveils Newly Enhanced 5.5 Version

The 5.5 Telegram update is designed to grant the user more control over his messages history. The most secured messenger is now allowing users to delete any message at any time; the comprehensive deletion feature is helping users to erase any sort of embarrassing or mistaken content – including videos and sound tracks. The debutant privacy-based deleting characteristic has been appreciated by the fans of Telegram who see the platform as the most powerful defender of granting the user full, uncompromised privacy and allowing him complete control of the digital content sent.

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Also, the update allows the user to control the availability of his profile picture for certain contacts; the user can select who can see his profile. Moreover, the 5.5version brings about improved emojis search feature; searching for emojis and stickers is enhanced as any user can now get many suggestions once he enters the keyword; searching specified keyword will unveil a bundle of emojis and stickers before the user without him leaving the chatting session.

Additionally, the Telegram update improves the display of videos as a full-screen mode has been implanted to help the user rotate the phone easily to watch visual content in an HD quality. The notifications can be controlled as well by the user himself as he can choose whether or not to receive them when occupied with several messaging chats at the same time. And let’s not forget about the audio and video call quality that got improved with the v5.5 update. Telegram has recently gained more than three million users in a single day due to a breakdown in other messaging apps; the new update will help increase the availability and functionality of Telegram in order to match the expectations of the old and new users of the secured platform.

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