Telegram Messenger Introduces New Deletion Feature in 2019

telegram messenger new deletion feature

This year many messengers and chatting apps are aiming to enhance their platforms and improve the user’s experience by introducing new messaging and privacy features that’ll help amp up the entire messaging service. WhatsApp and Telegram seem to be, apparently, the most prominent apps at the moment with each messenger introducing new messaging properties every now and then.

WhatsApp has been recently suffering from multiple issues with its fight against the spread of misinformation and the upcoming monetization plans for the popular messenger which, consequently, provided Telegram with a bigger chance to dominate a wider range of the users around the world. In the last few days, the secured messenger Telegram has announced the arrival of a new deletion feature that’s going to help make the messenger a more efficient and safe place for communication on a daily basis.

The users base of Telegram Messenger has been increasing palpably as the app is continuously promising to provide the most secured chatting sessions with no spying or data collection without official consent. The Facebook messenger and WhatsApp have been facing a couple of problems revolving around the criteria of their privacy and the extent of the WhatsApp end-to-end encryption feature. Telegram, on the other hand, released yet another privacy-based feature allowing the user to delete any message for all members of the specified chat. The feature is debuting on both Android and iOS devices and the Telegram user will be soon able to fully delete all messages and conversations that might be inconvenient or mistakenly sent.

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The older Telegram deletion feature allows the user to delete his own messages only; the new deletion feature will however enable the user to delete any content even if he wasn’t the sender. Also, the two-side deleting feature is to be unbound to any time limit so that the Telegram customer is able to delete whatever, whenever!

The founder of Telegram said that the new deletion feature will grant the users base the opportunity to have full control over the history of their messages and chats. Some users may be later affected by some old messages that were not true or misconstrued; with this new Telegram feature users can erase certain content at any time. The Telegram messenger is notorious for its strict end-to-end encryption feature and total privacy status provided for the users; and in order to give more power to the user himself, messages can now be deleted for all parties easily. The new feature is now available for all Telegram users to give it a go.

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