Windows Phone gives Telegram a New Photo Mode


The new Windows 10 Mobile has a new update involving a brand new photo mode for the Telegram Messenger Preview app. Version for the Telegram Messenger is the newest update and brings everything to the forefront.

After taking a look in the Windows Store, it looks as if the Telegram Messenger Preview has replaced the Telegram Messenger Private. Prior to the release of the update, Telegram Messenger Preview would only allow users to send individual messages, much like a private chat.

Now, since the brand new update has been applied, users can now add various images that can be sent through the photo gallery that remains in-app. This replaces the necessity to select different photos through the Windows 10 Photo App. The new update is definitely a time saver, allowing users to save a few extra steps in the process of sending photos.

Prior to the latest update, Telegram’s newest feature was the introduction of voice calling. While other social media giants such as Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp were all making copycat versions of Snapchat, Telegram was focused on making legitimate communication a more viable option.

True, the Telegram Messenger is running a bit behind the schedule of others for audio calling capability, but better safe than sorry. The company has had the primary focus of security, and most specifically that of end-to-end encryption. These security measures are also in place for the voice-calling feature.

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Since their primary focus is on call quality, they are also putting artificial intelligence in place to increase that quality. Measures such as ping times, network speed, and packet loss are all optimized for every call and are expected to give knowledge for areas of improvement.

Developed by Telegram LLP, the Telegram Messenger is a free app that can easily be found in the Windows Store. It is available for download as usual and even has a scannable QR code that can make the process even easier to accomplish.

While Telegram does still run behind in user numbers, at last count, there were nearly 150 million monthly users joining at a rate of about 350,000 per day. Set to become available in Europe soon, those numbers are expected to climb. After that, introduction to the rest of the world is definitely on the horizon.

Some users have recently complained that the app download is locked out and currently unavailable. Please stay tuned for updates concerning the Telegram Messenger for Windows 10 Phone.

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