Download Telegram for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want to install Telegram for Samsung Galaxy S5, just follow 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to Telegram for Samsung page here
  2. Click download button
  3. Download Telegram for Android from the Market
  4. Install Telegram
  5. Telegram will ask you to insert your phone number
  6. You will get a code, Telegram will ask you.
  7. Finally, Run the Telegram App for your Samsung Galaxy s5 ( You can use same steps for Samsung Galaxy s4 , s3 or galaxy series )

The Samsung Galaxy S5 received positive to mixed reviews, with many critics arguing that the Galaxy S5 was simply an “evolution” of the previous model and did not contain enough significant changes for existing S4 owners. Although reviewers noted the slightly better appearance and build quality of the Samsung Galaxy S5 as an improvement over the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung was again criticized for not making any significant changes to the design of the device in comparison to previous Galaxy S series models, and for not using metal or a higher quality plastic.

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 was praised for having a high quality, not being as oversaturated as previous models, and having a wide range of viewing angles, brightness states, and gamut settings to fine tune its appearance. Reviewers also noticed that, despite the high power of its processor, some apps and interface functions suffered from performance issues, indicating that the S5’s operating system may not have been completely optimized for its system-on-chip. The Samsung Galaxy S5’s interface was praised for having a cleaner appearance than previous iterations—however, it was still criticized for containing too many unnecessary features and settings (an issue compounded by the redesign of its Settings menu).

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Enjoy text messaging with your Telegram for Samsung Galaxy S5

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