Download Telegram and Send Emojis easily by just double clicking

Download Telegram emojis

Today I will be telling you everything that’s new with the Telegram app. Let’s get started now. So the first feature is that you can now easily send emojis by just simply typing double point and then just start typing the name of the emojis. For example, if I want to send a heart emoji, I would start by typing, and now it gives me all the emojis with hearts or maybe thumbs up, and this is obviously very nice because sometimes it’s really hard to find certain emojis and yeah it really makes sending emojis much easier in my opinion and that’s pretty nice.

It’s now also possible to search for stickers by simply scrolling up in the sticker panel, then you can use the search field to locate stickers faster.

So the second feature is that if you’re in a group, you can search for messages by certain contexts. So, for example, if you are in a big group or you just want to search for a certain message, you can just go to the search bar then type in the contact name. That makes it obviously a lot easier to search for certain messages.

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With auto-night mode now included in the recent update, you can now automatically switch to the dark version of the app interface when you are under low-light conditions. Obviously, not as much has changed as in some big update, but I guess those are still some nice changes.

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