Telegram Messenger is Protecting Privacy at All Costs



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Telegram Messenger is Protecting Privacy at All Costs

The battle between apps in order to provide the users with the best possible privacy level is an on-going one; and whilst many apps fail to maintain and respect the users privacy, others have succeeded in granting the users the

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Download Telegram and Send Emojis easily by just double clicking

Today I will be telling you everything that’s new with the Telegram app. Let’s get started now. So the first feature is that you can now easily send emojis by just simply typing double point and then just start typing

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Indonesia lifts ban on the Telegram app


The government of Indonesia has decided to lift the ban on the encrypted chat app telegram, stating that the country has taken steps for blocking the negative stuff which involves the forums for the ISIL supporters. According to the minister

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Vatican broadcasts Lent messages on Telegram Messenger


The Vatican is using an app Telegram to promote Lent. Rumors have it that the Pope and other clergy are going to engage themselves in this app enabling them to broadcast recordings of Gospel reading and also commentary during the

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Telegram Messenger App Updated – Part 3: In-app notifications


Support for in-app notifications is another latest extraordinary feature introduced in the new version of Telegram. You will find an in-app notification at the top when you get a new message as you are using the app. You can view

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