Telegram’s Shared Links and Recent Searches


Chats have become a common thing to everybody regardless of age. There are a series of links that happens to be shared through the platform. These links are sometimes important, and a person may want to follow the link further to extract more details. However, sometimes it gets difficult to follow the links especially when the chat is so busy.  Although you could use the search message bar, it’s not always easy for everyone to do that.

Have you been a victim of this? Tried to search for a shared link all in vain? Bravo! It’s now simple and easier to find the link. The process is a straightforward move as you only need to go to the shared links section of the shared media. In doing so, a message that accompanied the link will be visible. It’s a new feature that’s currently available for Androids and iOS. However, the app will soon make its way to other apps

Besides, just like the previous versions on Androids and iOS recent search results are quick to trace when the universal search bar is tapped. Many more upgrades are underway. Meanwhile the search bar will be swift, resourceful, and helpful. An alternative search for shared links is now available. An In—App media playback and search chats are the new tool that changes the way you do your searches. It also eliminates the challenges encountered by many people in the chat forum. In-app media playback and chat search are a modern version of a telegram that permits you to play media from sources like YouTube, sound cloud or Vimeo directly from the app. Telegram gives you this utility without demanding you to leave the app to enjoy the service.

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It’s a straight forward app and anybody can use it with ease. You only need to tap on the preview of your desired link to an external media to listen to audios or view videos. The app allows you to upload and play speaking audio files in chats. This new attachment on Androids menu is not only great and beautifully animated, but it also permits sharing of photos, contacts and sounds easily. With this app, there is no more hassle as all your communications are all searchable.

Telegram app has a multi-purpose search bar that allows this service. Besides, it’s now possible to search or messages from various chats. All you need here is to tap the name of the chat on the iOS or just toggle the actions menu in Androids. Many keywords will appear in the chat bar, and you will go through them using the up/down scrolls. Enjoy chats!

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