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Windows Phone gives Telegram a New Photo Mode

The new Windows 10 Mobile has a new update involving a brand new photo mode for the Telegram Messenger Preview app. Version for the Telegram Messenger is the newest update and brings everything to the forefront. (1 raters, 5

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Vatican broadcasts Lent messages on Telegram Messenger

The Vatican is using an app Telegram to promote Lent. Rumors have it that the Pope and other clergy are going to engage themselves in this app enabling them to broadcast recordings of Gospel reading and also commentary during the

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Telegram Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge available

World’s leading smartphone company, Samsung unleashed its most creative and innovative models this year in Mobile World Congress  held at Barcelona this year. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge were unveiled in congress. Galaxy S6 edge was named as best 

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Telegram Messenger App and its Visual Fingerprint Encryptation

Juliano Rizzo and security experts Alex Rad state to get found major flaws within the Telegram secure messaging application, primarily related to the “visual fingerprint” that correspondents should use to guarantee the protection of a finish-to-end encrypted conversation. (1 raters,

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Telegram s Voice Messages 2.0

There is a new interface for voice messages on Telegram, which ranges from visualizations, a new player, and raise-to-speak functionality. The ability to listen to a long voice message and switch to other media or chats has been enhanced. Also,

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