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Download Telegram for THL Android devices and enjoy text messaging with yours friends. Technology Happy Life (ThL) is a Chinese smartphone brand, part of Shenzhen Hongjiayuan Communication Technology Ltd., which sells its phones direct to customers rather than through a mobile network. As well as selling phones in China, their phones are also sold in many other countries worldwide, including Taiwan, India, Russia, the United States, and Nigeria.

Telegram for THL L969 4G, THL 5000, Ultraphone 4400, T100 S Iron Man, T6s, T5s, T200, W200C, W8s, T5, W300, W7, THL W9 Beyong, W8e, W3, W1, V11, A1, A2, THL W2, V12, V8, V9, T11, A3, V7, L95…

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